Die-cut packaging

The term »laminated« packaging signifies a comprehensive range of packaging products manufactured by following the lamination process. For this purpose an offset-printed cardboard sheet (available in a variety of grammages) is glued in a specific manner to the bottom layer of corrugated cardboard. High-quality prints are allowed on such a product. Selection of basic materials available is extensive and reaching from natural paper, wood or metal imitation, cloth inlay-patterned paper to special paper with gold particles integrated. On request, all these options can feature offset print or, for a selected range of structures, screen print.

To make your packaging even more recognisable, parts of the print are optionally accentuated by special partial UV varnishing, embossed portions of print or gold-metallic print.

At Eurobox we take great care of details on laminated packaging and its accurate finish. We are aware that the packaging is not only there to be beautiful, but for its functionality and original purpose: to protect your product.

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