Transport packaging

Transport packaging makes the largest share of our products. Its basic function is to protect the product packaged. The most commonly used is the classical corrugated box, marked as FEFCO-Standard No. 0201.

However, the currently leading guideline in transport packaging design is called Brand Awareness Through Packaging. More and more companies go for flexo-printed transport boxes. Why? Visibility of packaging, trade marking, strengthening the brand recognition and Internet sales are the areas where flexo printing excels.

All this has brightened and added significant new value to the conventional corrugated box now featuring details such as adhesive tape, perforation or new folding concepts.

Applications of transport packaging are many. It replaces metal containers, wooden packages and envelopes. It also allows packaging of already folded and stocked commercial stands.

At Eurobox we are aware that each product possesses its specific features. So we use large numbers of materials of different functionalities and price levels. Thereby your old packaging can be replaced in the most appropriate way to protect your product and give it extra visibility.

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