Special products

Special products include: commercial billboards and displays; cardboard pallets and pallet boxes; and folded partitions.


We provide complete service from design to implementation. On request we provide product packaging ready for display and delivery. In the past, promotion of products in stores was rare. But now it is important to present products in a different way. This often includes space outside the standard shelves. Cardboard displays and billboards are environmentally friendly. They have a high load capacity and are easy to install anywhere. Each product has its own story. Therefore our designs are never repeated.

For each product we provide individual proposals, modelling and digital print.


Cardboard pallets and boxes are an ecological and affordable packaging solution, suitable for air and other kinds of long-distance transport. Following your requirements, we individually design the optimal type of pallet or box. Thereby we carefully consider the destination of your consignment, method of packaging and the possible presence of moisture. Cardboard pallets are particularly useful for padding within the manufacturing process. Since they are lightweight, their use represents a much smaller burden for the staff on the manual lines.


Are you using partitions that prove time-consuming for assembly? At Eurobox, we have solution for you: machine-assembled partitions. That saves your time and money that you would otherwise invest in your punching tools. We recommend assembly if large numbers of partitions are in question. But die-cut is also suitable for small volumes, since avoiding of manufacturing costs for punching tool is essential here.

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